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Yamamoto Naoki


Yamamoto Naoki

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ATL Don’t Panic album inspired edits - 

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i’m so frustrated because i miss the fuck out of you.
it makes me so sad because i feel like there is love everywhere. more than usual.

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More shit nobody cares about

I realized that I have stronger feelings than I thought.
A touch…. Gives me chills and gasp do deep… And a hug…. Makes me feel like I don’t have feet anymore.



tavi gevinson by petra collins for the ardorous 


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"I love you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about."

Moonrise Kingdom, 2012

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Shit nobody cares about

With being into two relationships already…. Let’s clarify… While being into a majorly serious relationship, I Learned that I am highly… Love just fucks me.
I have this barrier because love is scary to me. It takes me so long to say “I love you” and everything else. When I really like somebody… I am beyond attractive to them. Everything about them and it makes me give in so easily. When you’re in love with your best friend…. It’s honestly so beautiful. But it Fucking sucks. I’m fucking stupid.
What’s the fucking point of having multiple relationships? I don’t see a fucking point. So I settle down when something comes to me that I fucking like. Which is fucking stupid. I’m so loyal. Honestly, I can be boyfriend material. I took this boy out for a semi classy dinner and took him shopping for.
That’s fucking me.
It drives me crazy.
I’m scared of falling in love.
Sometimes I even prefer to live my future single and by myself.
I’m in love with a fucking idiot.
With everything… Being a huge dumb dumb bear, he’s still so fucking great. I’m not blind either. Like I know I don’t have to deal with it or any of that common mumbo jumbo people say all the fucking time.
But when things go great for a long time, why is it that suddenly shit goes down the drain.
Why. Every. Fucking. Time.
I fucking hate love.
No. I fucking admire love.

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